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Escape Computers IT Solutions

IT ​ Solutions to Suit  Any Business

Your business is unique, and so are your IT needs. No project is too big or small - our custom solutions enable you to escape your IT troubles and optimize your business so there’s nothing standing between you and your goals.

"The Fixer"
Onsite Help

We’re with you, in the flesh, when you need us. At sites all across Ontario, we solve your IT troubles so that your workplace functions like a well-oiled machine and your data and systems are safe from breaches and catastrophic events. 


Maybe your computers or printers are on the fritz, or perhaps your company email isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. We’ll tackle those problems onsite so that your business can continue to run smoothly, with no unnecessary downtime. We can also establish protections against viruses and ransomware attacks as well as backup solutions so that your data is safe and sound, whether the threat is a cyber-attack or a fire in the building.


Whatever you need, we’ll be there. Avoid the hassle of remote troubleshooting and allow us to tackle your IT issues head-on. In need of service across multiple locations in Ontario? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We can take care of one-off tech needs or visit you on a regular basis with IT managed services to make sure everything is optimized and running smoothly.

Escape Computers - The Fixer
Escape Computers - The Consultant

"The Consultant"
IT Problem Solving

Not all problems require a top-to-bottom solution; sometimes all you need is a plan. That’s where IT consulting comes in! Let us know the details of your situation and we’ll craft a custom solution to suit your needs and ease your tech pains. From industry compliance concerns to system integration issues and everything in between, we wash away your troubles with our expert knowledge and to-the-point guidance.

Either remote or in-person, benefit from our industry expertise and innovative approach as you tackle your company’s IT problems. We’ll hash out various potential approaches and arrive at an individualized plan that takes all factors into account.

Once an established plan is in place, we can then refer you to service providers we trust, or you can take the plan blueprint and run with it to begin setting things in motion as you see fit.

"The Virtual Helper"
Remote Support

Some concerns don’t require in-person attention. For businesses that minimize outside visitors in the workplace due to security or healthcare privacy concerns, or employ a remote workforce (or any other reason under the sun), computer and IT problems can be solved efficiently and effectively at a distance through remote IT help.

Say goodbye to your IT concerns through completely virtual help to solve quick fixes and avoid any pesky tech problems from interrupting your workflow. Remote support can eliminate downtime due to faulty systems and can equip your team members with the most effective tech solutions on the market, enabling them to deliver top-quality results without any unnecessary friction.

Rather than eating up time, interrupting your workday, and causing disruptions in the workplace to manage and fix IT concerns, solve your tech and computer problems in a pinch with remote IT help.

Escape Computers - The Virtual Helper
Escape Computers Let's Talk IT

IT Solutions for the Ontario Small Business 

Say goodbye to frustrating tech troubles with our custom IT consulting and support services.

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